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HOLE  1 Hares Run PAR 4 SI 7
424 yds White 410 yds Yellow 366 yds Ladies  

Favour the left hand side of the Fairway on this slight right-hand dog leg hole.

This will then open up the approach to the green which is guarded on the left and right by bunkers.

(The left side of the Fairway is also the correct position for the alternative green)

HOLE  2 Victoria Drive PAR 5 SI 5
555 yds White 540 yds Yellow 528 yds Ladies  

The drive should favour the left hand side of the Fairway on this the only par 5 hole.

There is a fairway bunker
on the right and two hidden bunkers on the left

The second shot
should be kept centre to left of the Fairway which will open up this long green that has 3 protecting bunkers.

HOLE  3 Log House PAR 3 SI 11
193 yds White 170 yds Yellow 180 yds Ladies  
This par 3 has a severe right to left sloping green. There is a bunker on the left and another bunker on the top right of green.

So an accurate tee shot is required. The wooden hut is a good point of aim.

This hole normally plays into a headwind making it an even tougher hole.

HOLE  4 Willow Pond PAR 4 SI 3
394 yds White 383 yds Yellow 331 yds Ladies  
This is a good straight uphill par 4.

Keep to the centre of the Fairway, when you reach the top of the hill a view to the green will reveal bunkers to the left and right.

This hole can play long as it is
normally played into wind.

HOLE  5 Lady Wood PAR 4 SI 15
362 yds White 351 yds Yellow 347 yds Ladies  

Aim to the left of the white marker in the distance on this slight dog leg right.

This will put you in a good position to attack the pin on the narrow two-tier green.

This can be a deceivingly awkward hole.

HOLE  6 The Solent PAR 3 SI 17
142 yds White 131 yds Yellow 127 yds Ladies  
This intimidating par 3 is protected by well placed bunkers and the green slopes left to right.

Club selection is important.

You  will see to your right the 8th green and 'take note' of the pin position.

HOLE  7 Squirrel's Leap PAR 4 SI 1
432 yds White 416 yds Yellow 415 yds Ladies (PAR 5)  
This is probably the most difficult hole.

Aim your tee shot towards the marker post. The Fairway slopes right to left.

Aim your second shot at the white marker which can be seen from the top of the hill. The fairway slopes downhill right to left to the green set in a hollow.

Beware of the elephant bath to the right, there is a hidden pot bunker on the lelt.

HOLE  8 Elephant Bath PAR 4 SI 14
354 yds White 342 yds Yellow 415 yds Ladies (PAR 5)  

Aim to the middle of the Fairway on this uphill hole.

The green is flat and mostly unseen so aim at the fIag on your approach shot.

Beware of the two bunkers on the top right hand side of the green and the tree to the left

HOLE  9 Terrace View PAR 4 SI 10
356 yds White 351 yds Yellow 285 yds Ladies  

The ninth hole (358 yds) is the only left hand dog leg on the course.

Aim at the marker post, this will keep you left of the Fairway bunker and you will be in a good position for a clear shot to the green.

Bunkers surround the front left and right of the green.


The "Final 9"

As always on a nine hole course, once having got this far, it is all to do again!

The ladies have alternate tees for the second nine holes; the 13th becomes a Par 5 while the 16th moves forward to become a Par 4.

The men have alternate tees only at the 10th, 12th, 15th and 18th; shorter tees at the Par 3 holes give a slightly shorter second nine.

The clubhouse bar and restaurant await after the eigtheenth.

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